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For enquiries please get in touch via email at

When sending an enquiry, please answer as many of the following questions as you can. Even if you only have a rough idea, this will help me give you a ballpark quote and avoid time emailing back and forth. For larger projects I can do a site visit, but only if an approximate quote has been accepted by the client. Quotes are subject to change after site visits.

As I am a one-woman business and spend a lot of time up ladders and on site painting, it may take me up to 1 week to respond to your email. For the best chance of your object going ahead I recommend you enquire at least 1-2 months ahead of your desired deadline. If your enquiry is urgent please state this in your email and title line.

Commercial Signage

All commercial signage

Please send me:

  • Your location/location of site

  • Can it be completed remotely or on site

  • Photos of the current shop/site or area to be painted

  • Dimensions of the above (rough is fine to begin with)

  • Is it to be painted, gilded or both?

  • Your deadline

  • Do you have a budget that you would like me to work within if possible?

Signage on site:

  • If the areas to be painted are at height, how high from the ground are they? (rough measurement is fine)

  • The wall surface (i.e., brick, smooth drywall, untreated wood, rough stucco, etc.)

If you already have a design, please send me:

  • Your design files, preferably in PDF, EFS or AI format

  • Sign dimensions, the area that it will fit into and roughly the scale you would like it to sit within the space

If you would like me to design something, please send me:

  • The exact wording you would like on the sign

  • Sign dimensions, the area that it will fit into and roughly the scale you would like it to sit within the space

  • Colours or a rough colour palette for me to work with. Please note that colours will appear slightly different to how they appear on screen.

  • Some pictures of my previous work that you'd like the design to look like, or any other inspiration images you may have that you would like me to take into consideration, and what you like about them.


  • What would you like the sign to say?

  • Painted or gilded?

  • Would you like it to be on wood or glass?

  • Roughly what size would you like it to be?

  • Do you have any examples of style and colours scheme you may have in mind?


Below is a rough guide to pricing for artwork commissions:

Sign artwork for interiors (enamel paint on wooden panel) – £200+

Gilded glass artwork, unframed (enamel paint and 23.5 carat real gold on glass) – £250+

Wedding signs (enamel paint on wood or other flat surfaces) – £400+

Please note that commission costs can be affected by size, material, complexity of design, number of colours and many more factors. Please get in touch before if you would like a rough price of a specific commission. The above list of possible commissions is not exhaustive. 

Gold House Numbers & Names

Please send me:

  • The number or name that you would like to have gilded.

  • A photo of the door/area that you would like to have gilded.

  • The location of your house (rough location is fine to begin with, i.e. Shawlands, East End of Glasgow, etc)

  • Measurements of the glass panel above the door

  • Any photos of styles that you might like

After I have this information and your window is suitable to gild I will send a rough estimate. Please note that most house numbers will be between £200-300 and names upwards of £400. 

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